Romance and the First Draft

Exploring new characters and allowing them to unfold when cocooning up with a first draft shares some striking similarities to the sparks of a new romance. I’ve discovered myself in the odd position this month of coming face to face with both.  Of course a romantic interest vaults into my life mid NaNoWriMo.  It couldn’t happen any other way in this crazy thing I call my life, and I’ve found it interesting to see how many parallels there are to writing the first draft as the pantser I am and floating along in the initial stages of a new romance.

There’s something exhilarating about a new beginning, a fresh start, a blank slate or page.  Past mistakes can be forgotten, hopefully learned from, and a new path can be forged ahead. It’s always a risk, pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, head to head and heart to heart, but faith in the possibilities allows for a seat on an intoxicating ride.

The thrill of discovery, an inexplicable energy and adrenaline rush as everything begins to unfold astonishes. Incessant daydreaming, obsession and fascination take over. Everything else falls by the way side. Focus on anything else, near impossible. There are long, over-caffeinated days and late night whispers. Food dissolves into an afterthought. A goofy grin dominates as the bubble remains impermeable. Friends and family wonder where you’ve gone and even if present, you’re a million miles away.

Tiny details and personality quirks present themselves. Exploration of likes and dislikes lead to unanticipated surprises and delving to uncover further layers. Self discovery and reflection lurk along with an understanding that there may need to be some editing or tweaking later to ensure everything fits properly. But it doesn’t matter now. Nothing matters in those initial moments.

Swept away in bliss over the potential of having started something incredible, trust and terror walk along a tightrope in tandem.  You never know exactly where things are going to go but maybe, just maybe, you might stumble upon something spectacular and not just another heart breaking toss in the slush pile.


***Any plotters want to weigh in on this??? I’m curious to see if you feel any differently!

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