Searching for the perfect match…

As far as I can tell, searching for a new job in this electronic age has mutated into something resembling online dating.  Both go a little something like this…

1. Create profiles on multiple sites.

2. Make yourself as interesting and witty as possible, but have enough key words that you’ll be easily scanned.

3. Exaggerate your talents, interests and history.

4. Remove offensive photos from your Facebook page.

5. Try not to reek of desperation.

6. Wait…

7. Get spammed.

8.  Get a nibble!

9. Pray it’s the perfect match.

10. Spend hours preparing for a brief meeting to see if it’s mutual.

11. Wonder how much they exaggerated and whether the encounter will end with benefits.

12. Wait some more…

13. Tweak your profiles.

14. Debate whether to follow-up.

15. Get rejected.

16. Spend countless more hours trolling online and sending electronic interest notices.

17. Change it up and go to a meet and greet. Rotate tables every five minutes.

18. Debate whether you’re too picky. Ask your friends.

19. Give up hope…

20. Until that one magical meeting or until a friend, an acquaintance or a random connection turns up a fabulous prospect and voila, something falls in your lap.  And just like that you stumble into something and laugh at all those wasted hours you’ll never get back.

I’m still working my way down the list folks. Anyone who might hold the key to #20 and has a wicked job I should hear about, I’m all ears!

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