Friday Favourites – Reading Things

I love to read. Here are my favourite reading things:

A fabulous book, obviously.

My comfy reading spot is my bed, although I’ll read pretty much anywhere.

My iPad which I love for its bookmarking and note-taking capabilities and sometimes the social media distraction when the novel I’m reading isn’t that great.

A quiet spot to read. I still covet this even though my commute has conditioned me to read in loud, cramped, and sometimes icky spaces. I do become distracted and irritated during loud, obnoxious conversations, particularly first thing in the morning. HERE’s what I have to say about the subway.

Goodreads! I love checking out what other readers think of the books I’ve read when I finish reviewing them (I really try not to peek first.) I also love seeing what everyone else is reading and finding new suggestions to add to my to-read pile.

Book Blogs – Obviously! HERE are some of my faves.

SNACKS! Chips please! And yes, I often munch these in bed while I read. And no, I never make a mess. Sometimes.

Something to sip on: Water and sometimes often a cocktail.

Something to read by when darkness descends, unless I’m using my iPad.

Another fabulous book to pick up as soon as I finish the last sentence. I often barely skip a beat between books. And no, for some reason I don’t find this confusing. I do, however, find myself forgetting books though. But I do this with movies too, so it’s just me and my memory issues – it says nothing about whether I loved or loathed a particular novel.

What are your reading things?

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