Wedding Day Shenanigans

One year ago today I agreed to do this:


Seven months later, we pulled it off.  Here are a few moments from our magical day.


My gorgeous friend, Dee, from Glamorous Planning, making me beautiful.


And the result…my eyes have never looked so good!


Little people!


3 Lydia_Reno-262

I love how my niece is about to go all zombie on me in this shot!



This is one of my favourite shots of the day.



Mmmm. Hubs had this bottle for years and years, saved specially for me. Okay, it was for his wedding day. I just happened to be the one marrying him.


More smiles! AND champagne!



Dancing Shoes! I think I should send this shot to Sketchers.

Happy, Happy Day!

Lydia_Reno-1842 Lydia_Reno-168

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