A Creative Jump Start

Last weekend Mr. Z and I wandered up north for a few days of relaxation and a unexpected marathon of Downton Abbey (Seasons 1 & 2), and when Saturday turned into the loveliest November day ever, we wandered outside. Thankfully he remembered the camera and I wandered along behind him, mostly not watching for moose. Or bobcats. Or cougars. Or wolves. I was happily snapping photos instead.

I had begun to worry in the weeks prior that my writing mojo had evapourated and that my first novel was a fluke. I couldn’t seem to get into Book Two. But that afternoon it came roaring back. Sometimes it takes a little something different to jump start us, so now I know to grab my camera and head out for a long walk when I’m feeling blocked. Here are a few of my finds.








And for all you doubters, we’d just had rain so were lucky enough to find some evidence of the creatures surrounding us…that wasn’t always in dung form.




2 thoughts on “A Creative Jump Start

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the outdoors and am always inspired to create when I see all of the beauty that surrounds us in nature. I’ve been watching Downton Abbey as marathons, too! Invited my two girlfriends (we have 14 kids between the three of us) for a slumber party and we watching Downton Abbey from 6 pm to 4 am. So much fun!

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