Good Book When

During my teen years, my mom once walked past the bathroom as I stood in front of the sink engrossed in a book. She shook her head and said “It must be a good book when you can’t even put it down to brush your teeth.” I mmm-hmmed with a mouthful of toothpaste and went about my reading. My teeth had probably never seen such a scrubbing. That was the sign of a great book. I couldn’t even put it down for the two minutes it took me to brush my teeth. I’ve stopped reading when I scour my pearly-whites, but there are many other hints I’m reading a fabulous book – other than the words themselves.

I want to know how you can tell when you’re in the grip of a great book? Post below, or hashtag it on Facebook or Twitter with #goodbookwhen and I’ll find your responses!

For me, I know I’m reading #goodbookwhen:

  • I actually look forward to my morning commute.
  • I forget to eat.
  • I eat cheese and crackers or oatmeal for dinner.
  • I zoom past my stop on the subway.
  • Someone asks me what I’m reading and I get cranky at a potential conversation…about books! True story.
  • I actually look forward to my morning commute.
  • Even the sweaty, smelly, elbow and briefcase jabbing commuters don’t bother me.
  • I crave a subway situation to prolong my page flipping.
  • I am desperate for a relaxing bath but won’t take one because the book I’m reading is on my iPad.
  • It is one of the last things I put down at night and the first things I think about in the morning.
  • I’d pick the book over shopping…for shoes.
  • I fib and say I have an appointment so I can read on my lunch instead of socialize.
  • I find myself avoiding reading or reading slowly so it won’t end.
  • I re-read sentences and marvel at the writing.
  • I think about it for days, months, years after I’ve finished.
  • It changes my life.